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Root Coding Robots

Put your code on display with the Root® coding robots, interactive coding companions designed to advance with you.

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Create 3 Educational Robot

Introducing our new mobile robot development platform for learning ROS 2.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Learn-to-Code Apps

Free Apps that encourage student progression from block-based to text-based coding environments.

STEAM Robots

Robots that engage students at any stage of their learning journey from kindergarten through higher education.

Teaching & Learning

Resources that help teachers integrate iRobot Education's coding and robotics tools into the curriculum.

Teaching & Learning...

Learning Library Curriculum


From shopping for robots and accessories, to learning how to submit a purchase order, it's all here.

iRobot Coding Apps

Featuring 3 learning levels in a visual block-based coding environment, the iRobot Coding Apps' ability to convert projects across each level supports student progression graphical, to hybrid, then full-text blocks in Python. Designed to help increase accessibility to STEM education, the Apps are multi-platform compatible and feature a simulator environment with interactive 3D Root SimBots!

Discover the iRobot Coding Apps

iRobot Python Apps

Leveraging the same syntax as the iRobot Coding Apps, the iRobot Python Apps provide a direct pathway to progress from block-based coding to text-based Python coding environments. Students may choose to use the browser-based iRobot Python Web Playground for increased accessibility across devices or install the desktop SDK for increased compatibility with other Python libraries.

Discover the iRobot Python Apps

iRobot's Root Lite & Pro Robots

Designed and piloted with educators to appeal to a range of skill levels and interests, iRobot’s Root robots cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners by delivering immersive, scalable, cross-curricular learning experiences. For schools this means more personalized classroom learning, better student engagement, and fewer resources spent on single-purpose software and hardware.

Meet the Root robots

iRobot's Create 3 Advanced Robot

No need to assemble and test labor-intensive robotics kits to get started! Providing a buildable mobile robot development platform for higher education programs, the Create 3 includes a suite of intelligent sensors and actuators for developing advanced robotics applications using Python and ROS 2—from multi-robot exploration, to navigation and mapping technology, and beyond.

Meet the Create 3 robot

Get Started in our Learning Library

Offering an expansive collection of activities, videos, sample coding projects, and DIY coding competition kits!

No Experience Required

Getting Started with the iRobot® Coding App

Welcome to the iRobot® Coding App! Explore these resources to start coding in the 3D simulator, connect your robot, and manage coding projects!




No Experience Required

Getting Started with the Root® robot

Use these resources to get started with the Root® Coding Robot!






Getting Started with Create 3

Use these resources to get started with Create 3, the next generation of iRobot’s affordable, trusted, all-in-one mobile robot development platform. Grasp the fundamentals of robotics, computer science, and engineering by programming the Create® 3 to perform simple behaviors, sounds, and movements, or tap into advanced applications including multi-robot exploration, navigation & mapping, and telepresence capabilities.


Installing the Python SDK

Follow this guide to install the iRobot Education Python SDK. Written & submitted by Kathryn Wujciak at Tufts University


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